Introduction – Rebecca Gresty

On first listening to Rebecca Gresty’s debut album, I wasn’t completely sure where I stood on it. I was confused as to what genre I could put it into, and even more perplexed by describing her voice. I guess in listening to it, it defines itself.

Touring constantly looking at her recent schedule┬áRebecca’s stunning vocal performances have garnered interest from a wide range of people. This led to Rebecca recording a track for an IFTA nominated score by Anna Rice for the movie, ‘Anton’.

This is the kind of album that can define an artists career and whether its your thing or not one can’t argue that Rebecca’s voice is something that carries this album. Complimented only by of the hottest brass sections I’ve ever heard.

Gresty’s music is something somewhat unique on the Irish scene right now and may have just found a gap in the market I have yet to see filled.

Her Debut album ‘Mad at the Seems’ is released next month but you can listen to it free of charge on soundcloud right now. Catch it on iTunes next month.

Listen to: A Page of My Life, Rockin Horse

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